Kait Parker Hot Weather Girl In Florida

from WPTV Channel 5 on NBC in West Palm Beach, Florida: Meteorologist Kait Parker weather forecast NewsChannel 5 at 5.


Kait is pronounced Kate but spelled K A I T.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics(it's a government agency so it must be true), the median salary of a Florida meteorologist is $67,000 which is 5 percent below the national average of $87,000.

I don't doubt that meteorologists take their titles seriously but I wonder how they feel about models like Mayte Carranco and beach body experts like Cristina Blackwell doing the weather?

Think about it. If you're a meteorologist, you've gone to college, paid for or borrowed money for tuition, studied, labored long hours and graduated from a four year university to get the title of meteorologist.

Eventually, you get a job after battling it out with veteran broadcasters and up and coming talent. You've made it after years of trials and tribulations. Then, you discover that some station has hired a Victoria's Secret model to read the weather off of a teleprompter.

That's gotta sting.

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Kait Parker

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