What Can You Buy With 4 Years College Tuition?

from Forbes: Here's what you can buy with 4 years tuition plus room and board at a top 10 college. Note: The United States Military Academy, which ranks #7 on the list, has been replaced by University of Pennsylvania, ranked #11, for this video. Tuition is provided by the U.S. Army for cadets at the Military Academy.

The irony is that banks or the government will give an 18 year old hundreds of thousands of dollars for college but wouldn't gave that same 18 year old a loan for a car or a house.

Not that endorse any of that. If you want to go to college, work your way through, save up the money, join the military and let the government pay the tuition, get a scholarship, or get the money from your parents as a gift. Never borrow from a bank or government to go to school. Ever!

If you're thinking that you will default on that loan and it's over. Think again. Even if you declare bankruptcy, that student loan is due. Even if you lose your job, that student loan is due. I'm convinced that even if you die, there is some government rep in Heaven (or Hell definitely) waiting to collect on your student loan.

The government will take your tax return, garnish your wages and basically make your life a living hell if you default.

But what if you don't default? Well, imagine all the money that you're paying off in a timely manner going to a mutual fund, or mortgage, or into a saving account. If you didn't have student loans to pay off, you'd have more cash in your pocket.

Why start off your adult life with thousands of dollars in debt?


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