Jacqueline Bennett Hot KRON Weather Girl

from KRON 4 in San Francisco: Jacqueline Bennett Hot Weather Girl.

Shockingly, this video from KRON-4 doesn't feature a billion on screen graphics like they usually do. (Watch this video to see what I'm talking about.) You can actually see all the CHIEF METEOROLOGIST  Jacqueline Bennett in this video.

Were I in charge of this station, this would be the norm.

According to the KRON-4 website, "Jacqueline was born and raised in Southern California and attended San Diego State University before heading overseas to study in Madrid. She then returned home to earn her second degree at Cal State Northridge."

Which leads me to ask, "Do you need two degrees to report the weather?" I only ask because Mayte Carranco does the weather. Not that I'm objecting.


Jacqueline Bennett

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