Teens Poison Teacher's Coffee

Haven't we all wanted to poison a teacher at some point in our lives? Come on, let's keep it real! You haven't? Well, live vicariously through the two Auburn, Washington teens who poison their teacher's coffee with ipecac syrup to try to induce vomiting.

Thanks to the Associated Press for posting this video at YouTube.

Were the kids trying to make their teacher hurl or was it something more sinister? This is what the prosecutors of Auburn,Washington are going to have to decide.

Think of the worse prank you pulled on a teacher. Was it something that would of got you prosecuted. Well, shame on you!

You can post a comment on what you did below this post. Hey, I'm curious.

Save Our Teachers

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HelpMakeCents said...

This is why I don't let my students know that I even DRINK anything.