Domino's Employees Face Criminal Charges

Remember that adorable couple of young people from Conover, North Carolina who put a video of themselves on YouTube tampering with food at a Domino's Pizza? Yeah, those assholes. Well, one of them, the woman named Christi Lynn Hammonds, was a registered sex offender. Well, on the bright side, the couple turned themselves in the police and the local Conover health department closed down that Domino's. Oh yeah, the two were fired.

Thanks to WCNC Video for posting this video at YouTube. Will Domino's Pizza ever be the same?

Truth be told, there are a lot of former criminals working at many fast food restaurants. Many. You know it's true. Fast food used to be a haven for high school kids but now many of your favorite fast food joints have illegal aliens, ex-cons and current cons. Look it up.


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