Lingerie Football League To Charlotte?

Did you know that there is a Lingerie Football League? Don't be shocked, I didn't know either and I'm suppose to know about these things being a male chauvinist pig. Well, Atlanta once had a Lingerie Football League called the Atlanta Steam and it ran out of steam and now wants to relocate to Charlotte, North Carolina.

Thanks to WCNC Video for posting this video at YouTube.

The another thing I learned is how many people you have to get "approval" from before moving a Lingerie Football League team to a city. The city council, the Charlotte Sports Commission, the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority and other people with fake jobs all have to give this team their stamp of approval. Well, at least in their minds they have to.

It's a bunch of women playing football in lingerie. RELAX.

The league kicks off in September 2009.


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