Jennifer Love Hewitt In Maxim Magazine

A few months ago, the entertainment press were shocked that Jennifer Love Hewitt had put on a few pounds. How dare she! Unflattering pictures of her at the beach made there way around God's Internet and some people were totally disgusted at Hewitt. Now, she is a few pound lighter and appears in Maxim magazine.

Thanks to Maxim for posting this video at YouTube.

The funny thing about all noise made about the weight gain was not the reaction of the press but of men. Yeah, men. You had men hating on Jennifer Love Hewitt because she put on a few pounds. As if these men wouldn't kill to be with her for a few minutes even with a muffin top. As if these men (the kind that leave disgusting comment under certain videos at YouTube) were dating top models and were put off by the whole weight thang.

Get a life.

Loving JLH at any size

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