How To Deal With People Who Leave Negative Comments On Your Blog

While searching for videos to post here at VlogHog, I come across videos at YouTube, LiveLeak and Metacafe that are extremely popular. Yet, there are some who don't waste the opportunity to make negative comments about the quality of the video. I'm not alking about constructive criticism. I'm talking being nasty just because you can.

Don't make the mistake of engaging some of these people. Now, these nut cases feel empowered and now feel like they have a stake your videos. Don't give the negative commenter power if you have a blog or YouTube video.

Some of you reading this will have popular blogs with millions of pageviews (I hope) and taking in cash from advertising. Inevitably, some of your readers of your blog will comment about how you've changed, you've sold out or once you were an angel now you sleep with the devils. In fact, the only thing that has changed is that you're making money when once you wasn't.

You must deal with this drama. Therefore, here are some steps to lessen the impact of the negative comments.

1. Don't allow comments.
2. Erase the negative comment immediately.
3. Only leave an e-mail address. This will force the loser to take extra steps to contact you plus somebody with constructive criticism or praise or a serious question can contact you. Most losers don't take the extra steps.
4. Turn on your blog's/youtube page comment moderation feature. Once the loser sees that he has to be approved before the comment goes live, he'll leave you alone.
5. Post constructive criticism and leave all garbage comments alone. This will show your viewers/readers that you can take the good with the bad.

So, when you get your world famous blog, you are going to have to deal with world famous losers. It goes with the territory. Good luck and good blogging.


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