Protesters Flock To Katie Holmes Broadway Debut

Protesters recently lined up for blocks to protest Katie Holmes at her Broadway debut. Was she that bad in Batman Begins?

Well, it turns out that the protest were against Scientology and Holmes is a Scientologist. Oh.

In the video posted by ITN at YouTube it shows the protesters and apparently it's Halloween in New York.

How does one protest? When do you find time? Who makes the signs?

Protester: Hey, we're all going to protest Katie Holmes down on Broadway. You coming?
Wanna-Be: The porn star?
Protester: No, that's John Holmes.
Wanna-Be: I mean the blond headed girl.
Protester: That's Katie Morgan. I'm talking about Katie Holmes the girl married to Tom Cruise.
Wanna-Be: Then her name would be Katie Cruise. Right?
Protester: Look, she's a Scientologist!!!
Wanna-Be: ----
Protester: Hello?
Wanna-Be: She's a Scientologist and...?
Protester: And?
Wanna-Be: Yeah!
Protester: Haven't you heard about the things that they do?
Wanna-Be: Science and stuff?
Protester: It's a cult. The propaganda is stifling. They don't pay taxes for God's sake. They trampled all over free speech rights of anyone who dares criticize...
Wanna-Be: Batman Begins!
Protester: Huh?
Wanna-Be: She was the hoochie in Batman Begins!
Protester: Yeaaah. So, do you want to go the protest or not?
Wanna-Be: What? Batman Begins was the shit, son.
Protester: My sister coming.
Wanna-Be: Let's roll.

Protest this.


Ronbot Van Helsing said...

After revealing last night that a blown ex-Scientologist confirms that OTIII has been rewritten to remove 99.9 percent of the Xenu story, I just found this video posted to Mark "Wise Beard Man" Bunker's WOG BLOG:


Here, Billy Sheehan states on videotape that the OTIII version he was given is DIFFERENT from the texts he read on the internet, therefore different from Magoo's version and different from the one in L. Ron Hubbard’s own writing.

Sooner or later, thanks to the efforts of ANONYMOUS, the entire Bridge may end up being rewritten to keep up with the latest Space Opera revelations!

Missy said...

Protesting someone for their religious beliefs is insane.