Jessica Simpson Up Close

I'm not a fan of Jessica Simpson. Don't get it twisted, I think she is gorgeous but I'm ain't gonna rush out and buy one of her CDs. Still, I know she has a lot of fans, thus, I made a slide show video of her and posted it on YouTube in 2007.

I use to make several slide show videos, Beyonce, Tyra Banks, Kim Kardashian, Adriana Lima and several others have been the subject of many VlogHog productions.

Why? Promotion of my blog. You can post your blog url onto a YouTube video and maybe someone will visit it.

To my surprise, when I originally posted Jessica Simpson Up Close, it made it to the YouTube front page. Don't ask me why. I really really don't know. The most views I was expecting was about 5000.

That was when I had an account at YouTube under the name VlogHog. Then it got cancelled. Now, I have an account under the name VlogHog1. Very clever, huh? I knew that college degree would pay off.

Before being wiped out at YouTube, Jessica Simpson Up Close got over 700,000 views. That's 700,000 views of the name VlogHog and some promotion of the blog. Yeah, more than likely the viewers were staring at Simpson's breasts but, hey, a blogger can dream.

The song in the video is called "Bumper Music" and is composed by me. Really.


Oh, don't break copyright laws. Seriously.

And Jessica Simpson does not endorse VlogHog.

Plus, God Bless America

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