Meet the 18 Year-Old MySpace Millionaire

Ashley Qualls is a high school dropout. No high school diploma, no college degree or GED. Is this another tragic waste of life? Is she doomed to roam from temp job to temp job? Will she live with her parents until she's collecting Social Security?

Well, Ashley Qualls paid cash for a $250,000 house, is her mother's boss and make millions from her website. Oh, and she's only 18.

Qualls, creator of whateverlife.com, originally created MySpace layouts or backgrounds and uploaded them to her site for people to download for free. The site was principally aimed at teenagers.

As of October 22, 2008, whateverlife.com , receives over 7 million visitors daily and 60 million page views a month. Almost as much as VlogHog. Minus a million or so visitors.

The video below, produced by Yahoo's People of the Web, goes into more detail of the life of the MySpace millionaire.

Has a lot of work to do.

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