Fox News Freaks Over Sarah Palin Newsweek Cover

I like Fox News. I like Newsweek. I like Sarah Palin. I'm not voting for her but I respect what she's done in Alaska as Governor. Still, Fox News reports that recently released Sarah Palin cover of Newsweek is unretouched or air brushed. It shows all of her flaws and imperfections of her face and stuff. Really.

In this report, a Republican media consultant is angry that the photo isn't retouched and complains that a Barack Obama (D) Newsweek cover makes him look angelic.

Now, the stock market has dropped over 3000 points in the last month, 401k's are losing double digit values, jobs are being slashed, the American tax payer is being asked to pay 700 billion dollars to bailout Wall Street and someone at Fox News suggests to do a story on a Sarah Palin Newsweek cover and it get the thumbs up?

Palin seems pretty tough to me and whatever the cover shows, I think she can handle it.

I link. You watch.

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Andre Colorado said...

That is hilarious. Andrea is very angry. It's quite appropriate how the hot chick reporter and the hot right wing opinion chick gang up on the dumpy left wing opinion chick while there is an logo that says "Fair and Balanced" in the corner.