David Blaine Takes Two Punches From Kimbo Slice

David Blaine is a lot of things, illusionist, magician and devil. Apparently, Blaine is running out of tricks. Now he is reduced to taking bar bets to get national attention.

Kimbo Slice is a big mean mixed martial arts fighter who also battled in street fights which were available to be viewed on the Internet. Kimbo Slice is suppose to be the toughest mixed martial artists on the block.

In the video below, David Blaine attempts to take two punches in the stomach from Kimbo Slice.

Is that a trick? Can't he make the Statue of Liberty disappear, catch a live bullet, or walk on water or something? 

Blaine is starting to get lame. Although, it is kinda funny seeing him get punched. But he ain't a comedian.

Plus, stick around because he tries to really catch a bullet. Shows me right.

Thanks to b0redj0rd over at LiveLeak for posting this video.

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Anonymous said...

What a horrible post - why don't you at least try and put some facts in it.
Kimbo Slice is a street fighter turned MMA fighter who got his ass kicked in 14 seconds flat by a last minute stand in who was all round smaller than him.
And MMA has plenty of rules!