A VlogHog PSA

Hi, this is a VlogHog public service announcement. When you upload something to the Internet, in today's Internet, it stays on the Internet. Pictures, recipes, videos, your favorite songs lists and all that jazz.

So, when you're thinking about uploading that video of you outracing cops, getting a dry hump from a dog, or hurling on your best friend's lap, just remember, it stays on the Internet FOREVER to haunt you like a bad high school yearbook picture.

Yeah, I and billions of others get a kick out of the strange videos flowing out of YouTube, Metacafe and LiveLeak and the other video hosting sites but don't become a victim of a bad decision made to get Internet fame. Don't post that embarrassing video. Even when you take the video down, someone somewhere has downloaded it. Especially if it's good or what someone considers good. Believe it or not, you can download a video from YouTube, LiveLeak and Metacafe. Millions of people do it everyday. So, avoid the risk and keep that video on your desktop.

So, think once, twice, three times before uploading that personal video. Yeah, people like Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson and Kim Kardashian get a career boost and make millions of dollars when someone posted their sex tapes online. Still, they didn't want it out there. Well, maybe they didn't want it out there. Hell, I don't know.

The point is, if you don't want me, your next door neighbor, the creepy guy that lives down the street, that woman with a thousand cats, or all of your exes who live in Texas to see the video of you drunk at the church social, keep it off the web.

Thank you for your time.

Anthony Lloyd



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