Screaming Reporter Rides Roller Coaster

In the video below, you will see GMTV reporter Rachel Harrison screaming as rides a roller coaster.  Do we really need a television report on a roller coaster? Isn't there anything more important going on in the world? For our entertainment purposes, Rachel Harrison of GMTV Today(London) is forced to ride a roller coaster.

What you will see is Harrison's second trip on the amusement ride. It's obvious from looking at the video that she didn't like it the first time but the show must go on and our brave reporter Rachel carries on.

The roller coaster featured in this clip, uploaded to LiveLeak, is called the Infusion and it goes over water or something.

All I have to say is I felt sorry for Rachel but laughed at her anyway.

It's a living.

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VlogHog said...

Well, beats having a real job.