VlogHog Answers Comments Part 1: Erin Andrews Scores

Reecently, I've decided to make regular posts of comments I answer. Yes, people do comment on the posts I make. Really. Go through the archives and see for yourself.

From Erin Andrews and the People Who Hate Her

Anynomous commented:
Erin is a no talent that ESPN has recognized could pull market share! she is no different than the Kardashians or any other no name non talent who uses their looks to advance their social position

VlogHog responsed:
If Erin Andrews "pulls market share" then she proves her worth. Talent has nothing to do with being on television or there would be no reality shows. Ratings are all that matters. Period. Good ratings means higher revenues for ESPN and Disney.  It's a business.

Television ain't art. Never has been and probably never could be. It is a business. Talent has nothing to do with who gets on television or who doesn't. Forget Erin Andrews, how many truly talented people are there on TV? I'm talking all of television.

I've said all I needed to say in the post "Erin Andrews and the People Who Hate Her."  Some people need to relax and remember what industry they are speaking about.

Erin Andrews Dances The Foxtrot on Dancing With The Stars


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