Ten Ways To Support VlogHog

If you like this blog and some of you do, there are many ways to support. In the post below, I will detail ten ways to support this blog.

* Bookmark It--- Yes, place it among your favorites in your browser.
* Re-tweet My Posts--- VlogHog has a Twitter page. If you have a Twitter page all you have to do is retweet my posts.
* Stumble VlogHog Up--- Fire up your Stumble account and Stumble a post up.
* Subscribe To The VlogHog Feed--- Click the Feedburner link to the left and follow.
* Link to a page--- Do you have a blog? Well, link to this one.
* Comment---That's right. Comment.
* List VlogHog in favorites---At Facebook, MySpace or Mashable.
* Digg It---Digg all posts that worthy of Digging.
* Tell your friends---You see a great post. Tell your friends through Twitter, e-mail or word of mouth.
*  E-Mail me---That's right. Tell me what you like or dislike at vloghog@gmail.com

Well, with the billions of webpages out there, I need all the help I could get.  So, thank you in advance,  if you do any of the listed suggestions.  Peace.


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