What Is Vlog Hog? Part Three

What is Vlog Hog?

by A Lloyd

copyright 2008

VlogHog is an entertainment video blog principally designed to entertain you. I, A Lloyd, am the creator, CEO, CFO, director, music composer, editor and head writer for VlogHog. For the most part, it features video that showcases: gadgets, girls, destruction, humor and violence. Really. Look to the archives for proof. To your right.

Some of the videos are created by others such as MadTv, Mystery Science Theater, Saturday Night Live, Dave Chappelle and other videos I jack from YouTube, LiveLeak, Revver and Metacafe. Some of the videos are created and filmed by me on my Pentax Optio M20 Digital camera, edited on my HP Pavillion 511 w with Windows Movie Maker featuring songs that I created years ago with Sonic Foundry software. I'll upgrade when more people start visiting.

The VlogHog video channel at YouTube is designed to get people to visit and then have a percentage of those people click to vloghog.blogspot.com. It's not working.

This will not do. So I have decided to take the following steps to increase my productivity and my audience at vloghog.blogspot.com.

1. I will cut my lunch break from three hours to an hour and a half.

2. I will only steal material that people like.

3. I will re-post previous posts once a week instead of everyday.

4. I will stop visiting the cat blog.

5. I will stop playing dice with my blind neighbor for rent money.

6. I will only watch Sportscenter three times a day.

7. I will only talk to Tyra Banks once a week.

8. I will stop sending Xiaxue playa hating comments.

9. I will learn toa psell.

and finally

10. I will begin to post nude pictures of somebody. Anybody. Of legal age, of course.

My goal is to get enough people to visit here 0n a daily basis to receive a big fat check from Google each month and laugh at the common people while they drive to work angry. Ultimately, I will sit back and type innocuous comments with videos under them and count all the cheddar or keep collecting soda cans for dinner money. Whatever comes first.


some of the stuff I wrote was suppose to be funny

visit my archives and behold the glory of God

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