Forklift Accident Caught On Video

In the video below, a forklift accident occurs when an employee tips over some cans. A lot of cans. For one of the few times, I can relate to what happens in a video here on VlogHog.

I've had many warehouse jobs where I had to run a forklift. (Yeah, believe or not, I haven't always been an award winning, admired by billions, multi-millionaire blogger.) At one of my many jobs, I was driving a forklift between aisles in an electronics warehouse. While I had a big screen television, a hit the up switch and broke an overhead fire sprinkler.

Water flooded the spot, the fire alarm went off and my bosses where pissed. Luckly, there was no mechandise on the racks and it was wrote off as an accident.

Video posted by beck64 at LiveLeak.

Welcome to November.

An accident waiting to happen.

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Kevin said...

Hahaha! Someone is fired!