Shop Lifters Caught On Video

Shoplifters are funny. Not funny like Dave Chappelle. Funny as in strange. In this wired age, shop lifters are being caught in record numbers. Still, it doesn't stop them from doing it as this video shows.

This is a video from the TV show Inside Edition showing us EXTREME shoplifting. Children, men in wheel chairs, groups of teenagers all caught on video while shoplifting.

Thanks to zuru at LiveLeak for posting this video.

I blame all of this on Winona Ryder.



Anonymous said...

i really like winona..i can't get her out of my mind..sucks...it's been ten years since i fall for her...but i'm only 20 yrs old..she's older than me for about 16 yrs...but age doesn't matter...

Anonymous said...

I also have an undying love for Winona Ryder, I have a special shrine dedicated to her in my cellar. My wife left me recently because I spoke to Winona Ryder shrine about our infinite love and my daughter doesn't speak to me anymore because she thinks I'm "crazy". Good thing you can legally marry a celebrity shrine in Alabama!