Tyra Banks Shows Women How To Use The Bathroom

Tyra. Tyra. Tyra. So beautiful. So tall. So rich. So why are showing women how to use the bathroom? Because, it makes a great video.

Tyra Banks, star of ANTM, The Tyra Banks Show and part time singer, wants to share her secret for keeping her panties from touching the toliet seat when she goes to the bathroom with all the women around the world.

She doesn't just talk about it. She show you how to do it. Look, I wish I had th e imagination to make up something this wild.

Yo, this clip is officially sanctioned and placed on YouTube by The Tyra Banks Show. Someone didn't rip it from television and place it illegally onto the site. SHE did it. On purpose.

You think it's crude? You think it's rude? Disgusting? Well, Tyra is pulling down around 18 million dollars a year with stuff like this. I'm lucky if I make rent this month.

And her tits are real dammit.

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