Britney Spears Impersonates Her Dad

Britney Spears has many skills: acting, singing and directing. I didn't say she was any good at them but she has them. Now you can add impersonator to her many talents. Frank Caliendo better watch his ass. In the video below, Spears does an impersonation of her father.

Thanks to the hard working stiffs at Access Hollywood for providing this clip. Where would America be without our entertainment news services or blogs for that matter?

I'm not up on my Britney Spears news but isn't she suppose to be in jail or something? I mean if the courts think Kevin Federline is considered a better parent than you, shouldn't you be in lock down somewhere?

If you have an answer to this burning question, leave a comment to let me know what's up.

Britney Spears is back?

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