Five Tips To Help Get Traffic To Your Blog

VlogHog is not the biggest blog in the universe. Not yet. Still, it has grown tremendously in the last few months. Look at my Alexa stats. More successful bloggers, such as Franklin Bishop, CopyBlogger and John COW all have their methods of creating a successful blog. I've used them all but have other suggestions they may not have covered. These are my five tips to get more traffic to your blog.

1. Write great descriptive titles. Writing a great title is one method of getting traffic from search engine, social media and RSS. Now, you'd think that would be obvious but from scanning some of the blog at MyBlogLog, I still see blogs with vague titles such as "Who Did This?" "Last Friday Night" or "Episode Eight." Huh? This may have worked in the late 90's when there were fewer blogs. Now, there are millions of blogs jamming up RSS readers and search engines. Get to the point! Recent blog post titles that got my attention were, "10 Things Men Must Know About Women and Shopping" by Kianah, "8 Ways To Get People To Comment" by Franklin Bishop and "What We Can Learn From E-Mail Spammers." by Dosh Dosh. Don't waste titles.

2. Tell your friends you blog. Tell your friends, family and clergy that you blog. All of your friends and family. ALL. Have them leave comments, make suggestions and contribute. When I read that a blogger is only getting ten visitors a day, I ask myself "Don't they any friends?" Get them to add your blog url to their Facebook, StumbleUpon and MySpace pages. Is it that hard?

3. Buy advertising. If your goal is to make money off of your blog, you must treat it like a business and many businesses take losses and all businesses advertise. Don't rely on word of mouth. If you true goal is to make money like John Chow, then you will have to take on advertising. StumbleUpon, Google and Yahoo all have reasonable advertising programs.

Personally, I use StumbleUpon to get visitors. It costs five cents a visitor and you get people to either look at a specific blog post or your entire page. You spend as little as a one dollar a day or as much as you want. One dollar a day will get you twenty visitors a day. Click here for more details.

4. Blog about your city. Imagine all the local press if you did an indepth blog about your city? Television, newspaper and even online media could be yours if you did an effective local blog. Blog about the local television, radio and newsprint personalities. Then, let them cover you in the local media.

5. Use stunts. Go for a world record and blog about it. Run for office and blog about it. Buy everyone at work a present and blog about it. Run a marathon and blog about it. Try out for a professional sports team and blog about it. Race a horse and blog about it. Do something that very few people are doing that's unique and blog about it. You got to do something that sets you apart from the billions of blogs out there.

Blogging for profit is hard work. Time consuming work. Unrewarding work (at first). But, it is WORK. It's a job. It's a business. It's...you get the idea.

I hope these few tips help some the bloggers who visit my site.


You may ask, why did I post a picture of Adriana Lima when I'm posting about blog tips? To illustrate another tip: posting correctly labelled pictures will get you traffic from Google Image and Yahoo Image.

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