Vanessa Hudgens On Tyra Banks

Vanessa Hudgens, star of Disney's High School Musical 2, isn't literally on Tyra Banks but she did appear on The Tyra Banks Show. If you didn't know Hudgens, who is 20, has nude photos of herself circulating on Al Gore's Internet.

For some reason, Disney frowns upon their talent appearing buck naked. Yeah, I don't get it either. They don't mind Donald Duck showing his white ass all over the place.

In this hard hitting interview, Tyra asks Vanessa to "tell us about the real you"and other Pulitzer Prize-like queries. This interview, however, takes place before the nude photos incident.

In an Oprah- like move to connect, Tyra shares all of her similarities to Hudgens like the fact that they are both Sagittarius. And some of you think Ms. Banks is a lightweight. That'll show you, haters!

Tonight when you pray, thank God for television, the Internet and, of course, Tyra Banks, the future Mrs. VlogHog.

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This is part one of the interview

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