Playboy's Kendra Wilkinson Tries To Rap

Playboy model and eyecandy Kendra Wilkinson former star of "The Girls Next Door" and current star of "Kendra!" on E! tries to rap on VH1's "Celebrity Rap Superstar." Is that enough plugs for TV shows that I'm not gettting paid for?

The fact that Wilkinson appears on two television shows proves that if you have a banging body, good looks and have at least two working brain cells, you'll go far.

Hey, how many hot women you know get to talk their way out of a speeding tickets, get an extra month to pay their rent, get free drinks at the club, get promoted for a job they aren't remotely qualified for, get thousands of hits to their blogs because they post pictures of themselves in bikinis and get millions of views for their videos posted at YouTube because they're dancing like strippers.

But, I'm not hating. I'm just pointing out the facts. For real.

VlogHog, out.

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