Man Calls 911 When Burger King Runs Out Of Lemonade

Suzanne Boyd of WPEC Channel 12 of CBS is amused that someone has called 911 emergency because Burger King has run out of lemonade. Guess what? I am too!

In the video below, you will see the report from WPEC news and more importantly, you will hear the 911 call.

The magic of the Internet continues.

I know what some of you are thinking: this has to be a prank call. Well, when you listen, you will hear that the man calling is very serious or he's a great actor.
With all of the "global warming" out there, a man gets hot and stuff.

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VlogHog said...

Yeah, can you send the police down here to fetch me some lemonade? ASAP. Thank you.

A.Gore said...

This isn't funny at all. You pay for a service, you should get good service.

The Burger King people should of posted a sign clearly stating that they ran out of lemonade.

911 is a service also, they handle emergencys. This was a legit emergency.

As far as I know, there aint no protocol on why we shouldn't call 911. if they is, enlighten me.

Burger King should be sued.

A. Gore said...

Another thing, what is this lady who doing the news laughing about.

That show her unprofessionalism.