Kim Kardashian In Carl's Jr Commercial

First of all, I'm not getting one shiny penny for showing this Carl's Jrs commercial. Not one. Not even a coupon for a free hamburger. Nothing. Truth be told, I just like showing Kim Kardashian.

In the video below, you will see Kim Kardashian in a Carl's Jr's commercial eating a salad.

Thanks to Carl's Jr for posting this at YouTube. Yeah, they have a site there. Everybody is at YouTube now a day.

Does this commercial make you want to buy a Cranberry Walnut Grilled Chicken Salad? If it doesn't, then Carl's Jr wasted a lot of money on Kardashian. Does it make you hungry? Then the money was well spent.

I wonder what was Kardashian career goals before her sex tape went public? Doctor? Lawyer? Senator?

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AL said...

Why is Kim Kardashian famous?

A. Gore said...

I'll admit Kim Kardashian is hot. Very hot. Does this alone entitle her to a television show?

There are thousands of hot women in the USA. A lot of em.

What makes her special? What!

Yes, if she were interested in me, I'd go for it. But what are her talents? Waht!

I want to know.