The 600th Post At VlogHog

This is the 600th post at VlogHog. Is that a big deal? I don't know.  Still, I'm going to take the time to explain some things that need explaining about this blog.

THE NEW LOOK- Blogger has some new themes for its blogs and I changed VlogHog's look.  It is much better in my opinion.

WHY DON'T YOU POST MORE? I don't post as much as I did in the beginning because I have two other sites that I work on and time gets divided.

600 POSTS IN THREE YEARS? I've been busy.

WHY ALL THESE LINKS TO HOT GIRLS? I link to all kinds of pictures. Pictures of cats. Pictures of food. Pictures of roller coasters. All kinds of pictures. However, the most popular pics are of famous women like Kim Kardashian. Those are the pics that get associated with this blog.  I don't make the pics popular.

WHAT IS UP WITH VLOGHOG.NET? I'm working on it. Vloghog.net is going to be the evenutal home of this blog. I own it and wont have to worry about Blogger shuting me down. On the other hand, most of the inbound links I created come to this site. Inbound links from sites like Stumble Upon, Twitter, Facebook all come here. It will take some time to create new inbound links to VlogHog.Net.

WE POST FUNNY VIDEOS. IS THAT IT? Yeah, until I change the theme again.

With your help and the help of thousands of your friends, maybe VlogHog can make it to another 600 posts. Okay, hundreds of thousands of your friends.

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A.Gore said...

I think in the next couple of years people who be blogged out.

They were once kinda cool but now everybody and their grandma gots to have a blog, Facebook page, Twitter account.

Not everybody wants to read about YOU.