Cop Caught Having Sex On Surveillance Camera?

It may not be true now, but eventually there will be video cameras everywhere. With the reality of cell phone cameras, this could be true now. You'd think this police officer caught with a woman behind a building would know this.

Caught on video! A Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia cop who thinks he's invisible, I guess. In November 08, Keith Heating and Air, located in Rossville, Georgia, got really hot when a wayward cop decided to do something with his wife, girlfriend, hooker or cousin for all I know. The only fact is her pants are down.

Yeah, he was out of his jurisdiction.

Thanks to barnesy at LiveLeak for posting this video and WTVC (an ABC affiliate) in Chattanooga for investigating this timely and hard hitting story.

In case you wanted to know, Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia is only five minutes away from Chattanooga.

Who says I don't do research?

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Jorrie said...

Cops are scarey.

CJ said...

No shit! Fucking cop.

Anonymous said...

dude in the van is a fucking nark

Anonymous said...

Can't the cops have a sex break? I have hooked up with 4 cops like this and it was really hot. Guy in van must suffer ED and if he can't get any, no one can.

Charlie said...

If these cops are so stupid as to take whores behind buildings with taxpayer dollars, it is pathetic. They all need to be caught and fired.

Any woman that is so stupid to think this behavior is fun is just as stupid and careless as the cop is.

It is nasty, disrespectful, and their asses need to be put in jail, fired, and whatever else it takes.

The guy did the right thing to report it.

Anonymous said...

Any cop so low as to have sex on duty, pull his pants up and not wash after screwing some whore with taxpayer dollars wasted, need to be fired.

And woman who thinks this is hot behavior is obviously a careless slut.

They all need to be fired or put in jail.