Roger Clemens Indicted For Lying To Congress

You mean to tell me baseball players took steroids to improve their performance? Say it ain't so, joe. With players getting contracts like The Minnesota Twins Joe Bauer , who got a seven year 185 million dollar guaranteed contract, it's no wonder players went on the juice.

Roger Clemens, however, claimed he never took steriods or any kind of performance enhancing drug and told Congress in sworn testimony.  However, Congress didn't believe him and now he has been indicted and can face up to three years in prison for possibly lying about steroids. How stupid.

Do you really care if a professional baseball player took steroids? I can take every illegal steroid there is and still wouldn't make a high school baseball team let alone a professional one.

Steroids are dangerous and some cases illegal but should Congress be wasting time looking into this?  You make the call.

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Roger Clemens before Congress



A.Gore said...

Roger Clemens took roids. He should just fess up. Most of them players did it.

A. Gore said...

How is this going to effect the value of his rookie card?

I got fifty of them things.