Man Sent To Jail For 6 Years For Cooking Dog

Keep all your  lame Chinese food jokes to yourself. According to the AP, a Wisconsin man will get six years in prison for cooking his ex girlfriend's dog.

Thanks to the AP for posting this video at YouTube.

Have you ever been so in love with an ex that you've done something this insane? Was it that great? Love stinks. Yeah. Yeah.

Six years in prison for cooking a dog? Why prison? He should be in a psych ward somewhere in a soft room. Six years? SIX YEARS! Six years in prison where he won't have a girlfriend. He'll more than likely will be someone girlfriend. Why didn't just egg her car or something? Keep calling her at work? Try to date her sister? Something!

 How about acting like a mature adult and just move on? No? Oh, well, see you in six years.

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