Mayte Carranco's Sexy Weather Reports

If you ever read a story about how local news ratings are going down, point your local news directors to this post. Mayte Carranco is a weather reporter  for  MTY Television in Mexico .  Apparently, there is no dress code and I'm not complaining at all.  Not one bit.

In the video below, you will see Mayte Carranco give a typical weather report. This is one of her more restrained outfits.

This is outstanding.

Thanks to TeleviceroReloaded  at YouTube for posting this video.

Don't be surprised if this becomes the trend in the USA.  Television stations are losing viewers to the Internet, X-Box, Blackberry, Twitter, crystal meth and more. Don't think they won't start to pull out all the stops to get you back to watching them. There will be many Mayte Carranco types popping up all over the USA on local and national newscasts.

Thank God.

VIDEOS: Mayte Carranco Does The Weather



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