Los Angeles Public School Costs $578 Million

I once posted about a high school costing 100 million and thought that was over the top but you ain't seen nothing yet.  The Robert F Kennedy Community Schools in Los Angeles cost $578 million dollars. One school. One.  There is a recession going on isn't there?

Why on Earth would a public school cost this much money? Is Lady Gaga performing every weekend? Is there a five star restaurant on campus?  Does every student get a personal trainer?

True be told, I don't really give a damn what's inside it. That is too much to pay for a public school.   Don't even bother to post comments trying to convince me it is worth it. Teachers are being laid off by the thousands in California. The thousands.

First the federal government spends close to a trillion dollars bailing out Wall Street, now local California government gives the thumbs up to a half a billion dollar public school.  What the hell is going on?

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A.Gore said...

Oh my gawd. I could see 20 million, I could see 100 million, I could even 22 million but 578 million is out of control and unacceptable.

Fire everybody.

A. Gore said...

One more thing, how did this get approved?

Was it the state or local government?

They would have been better off putting the money into an account and cutting the kids a check to go to a private school.