Mega Millions Winner May Have To Split 190 Million Lottery Winnings With Estranged Husband

An Idaho woman Holly Lahti,  who won over $190 million dollar in the Mega Millions lottery, may have to split her winnings with her estranged husband, Joshua Lahti.    The two are seperated but not divorced.  Damn. This happens to me all the time.

The 190 million dollar jackpot is the second largest amount ever won.  Of course, I didn't come close to winning it.

Thanks to KXLY in Idaho for posting this video at YouTube.  Sharing makes the world go round.

Watch this video and learn about Idaho's community property laws and marriage.  So, what do you think? Should this man get 80 million dollars? Forget the law, what's your opinion?


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Anonymous said...

If the woman can prove they have been separated (even if they didn't file legal papers) AND that the bone head she was married to was abusive (obviously), she could walk away with all of it....and I hope she does! Wonderfully, estranged hubby's response "great, I won't have to pay child support now" has been captured on film and judges are NEVER pleased over absentee parents with that attitude.

Here's hoping the judge decides in her favor. She deserves it! GOOD FOR HER!!!!!!!!