Ohio Woman Sent To Jail For Sending Child To Better School

Ohio woman Kelly Williams-Bolar has been arrested for sending her children to a better in her father's district.  Ohio officials say that she is defrauding the school district out of tax money.  Williams-Bolar will serve 10 days in jail and might face a fine of $30,000 for back tuition and taxes.

Thanks to News Channel Five in Arkon for posting this report. Plus, watch the Good Morning America news segment which goes into greater detail.

The government has a monopoly on schools. Period. Many government officials and many in the teachers union fight school vouchers and oppose any government money going to private school. So what are we the people stuck with? A government school monopoly. So, if the schools in your district are terrible, to hell with you.  If you try to send your child to school in a better district watch out for the government gestapo.

Monopolies are suppose to be illegal and immoral.  In the case of the government school, a monopoly is accepted and enforced by the gun.  Don't believe me? Ask Kelly Williams-Bolar.

This is a serious issue to Democrats  in this country. Private schools and government vouchers are hated by the majority of Democrats in the House and Senate.   Don't expect them to come running to Kelly Williams-Bolar defense in this case.  Many Dems, true be told, will end up applauding the efforts of the Ohio bureaucrats. 

They will either ignore the story or support their local Ohio government.

Kelly Williams-Bolar should of never been arrested.  I don't care about the law. The law is wrong.

Neal Boortz on The Kelly Williams-Bolar Situation


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Blaque Swan (previously No1KState) said...

I can't speak for all Dems, but. What we want is for all public schools to be good schools. We support Williams-Bolar's right good education for her kids. But the answer isn't sending public money to private schools. What a lot of us want is better public schools. Period.

Here's HuffPo on the news - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/01/27/kelley-williams-bolar-schools_n_814857.html.

I'm sorry, but it's conservatives who fight to keep schools under local control that results in such disparate conditions.