Why Is Gambling Legal In Some Places But Not Others?

You can't steal someone's car in one state but not in others.  Likewise, you can't murder someone in one state but not another and believe it or not, you can't kidnap someone in one state but not another.  All of these are illegal and are punishable but the law.  Society, that is you and me, are very consistent on this.  It is wrong, immoral, illegal, and not very ladylike to murder, rob and kidnap people.  However, society and government haven't come to a conculsion on gambling.

If I go to Nevada, Mississippi or Missouri among other states, I can gamble my entire life savings away. No problem. There will not be any news story that night if I lost my car note on a hand of blackjack.  Nobody will care.  Yet, as you will see in the video below, if I play Texas Hold em  in my own home where I take bets, police have the right to arrest me and seize my property.  Why?

If gambling is bad in Virginia, then it's bad in Vermont, Wyoming, Georgia and other states that I know how to spell. Why can't a man or a woman bet on poker in their own homes?

The law has to be consistent. If federal, state and local government hate the thought of gambling so much, why do they sponsor Mega Millions, Powerball and Lotto?  You gamble just as much with a stracth off as you with a game of poker with friends. 

Some will agrue that the  money from state sponsored lotteries go to help fund education in the various states and that's a good thang. So, if gambling has a so-called good purpose, then it's okay?  Yeah, right.  What's a better purpose than helping myself so that others don't have too? If I win money from my friends in a hand of poker, who does it hurt?

I don't expect any rational answers to this question of why gambling is legal in some places but not others.  Truth be told, I like to vent and see where people stand on this issue.  Where do you stand?

Thanks to WAVY for posting this video at YouTube.

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