Sugar Daddies and the Women Who Want Them

Being ugly never has paid off. Trust me, I speak from experience. But do good looking people get breaks that ugly to average people get? Yes, sir!

Fortunately for you, I'm not going to link to study that proves this. No, all I'm going to do is ask you the reader to rely on common sense and life experience.

Have you ever paid for a co-worker's lunch because she was cute? Bought a  birthday gift for a stranger because he had washboard abs? Followed someone on Twitter because their posted picture was hot? Well, have you?  Of course,  you have. Look, I can't be the only one out here doing this kind of stuff.

In the videos below, you will see John Stossel do a report on sugar daddies and the women who want them.  According to this report, the website  Seeking Arrangements, has over 3 million women looking for men with benefits.

Who says there are no more opportunies in America? 

Sugar free

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