Maryland Group Wants $10 An Hour Minimum Wage

WBAL's Sandra Shaw

A group in Maryland is lobbying for a $10 an hour minimum wage.  They argue that no one can raise a family on the current minimum wage of $7.25 an hour among other issues with the current wage.  Now, how can you raise a family on $10 an hour? Why not lobby for a $20 an hour minimum wage? What's wrong with $25 an hour? Speaking from experience, $10 an hour is not enough to raise a family.

Thanks to WBAL for posting this story at YouTube.

What wrong with $30 an hour? Nothing. Well, it would put several companies out of business but who cares about that, right? Businesses exist to give us jobs, right? To hell with profit. All business should hire as many people as possible and pay them the highest wages possible plus four weeks of vacation, three weeks of sick leave, and one week of personal days. Why not? Every state should lobby for the $40 an hour minimum wage.  Right now, dammit.  Put down that iPad, iPhone or X-Box and get out there to get what you deserve!

Link To Video Maryland Group Wants To Raise Minimum Wage

I just found out while typing this article that WBAL does not allow their videos to be embedded on other sites.  Wish I had researched this before I started typing. Oh, well.


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