Adriana Lima 2011-2012 (Victoria's Secret Fashion Show)

In the video above, you will see all of all Adriana Lima appearances at the last twoVictoria's
Secret Fashion Show.

More Adriana Lima than one man could stand.


Want more Adriana Lima? Click the Labels link named Adriana Lima. After you click this link, all the videos featuring the Victoria's Secret model will appear and of course, there are a lot of them. Why? I ain't stupid. Posts featuring Lima and other models bring in a lot of traffic to this site.

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Adriana Lima wings and bra
"You owe me, Vloghog."

Adriana Lima,Victoria's Secret,Super model


ric flair 999 said...

bar refaial is way hotter tnan adriana lima. way

popdaddy_go said...

adriana limaa had a baby and looks like that? dammmmmmmmn

Anonymous said...

Brazil produces hot women