Estefania Caballero Hot Weather Girl

According to Simply Hired, the average starting salary of a local television personality is $38,000. Before taxes, that is about $800 a week. Not bad. If Caballero makes that much, she is waaaaaaaaaaaay underpaid.

As usual, I have no idea what she is saying. None. It does not matter one bit.

I used to think that scantily garbed weather women were only in Mexico and other countries. America, however, is catching up in the hot weather girl department especially in cities such as New York and Los Angeles. It was a matter time.

welcome home Estefania Caballero



breen_utt said...

hot hot hot!!!

Anonymous said...

hot weather girl? this is a WOMAN.

Anonymous said...

Mayte Carranco is hotter. Girl is something else.