Review of the 2012 Toyota Yaris

From Cars.com: The previous-generation Toyota Yaris left us cold. Luckily, the redesign of the 2012 Yaris addressed many of the old model's issues. Better cabin materials, a more masculine look and a gauge cluster that is now behind the steering wheel instead of in the middle of the dash make the subcompact more appealing, according to Cars.com Senior Editor Bill Jackson. Still, the new Yaris has its flaws. It's not the roomiest of subcompacts, and gas mileage is only so-so when it's equipped with an automatic transmission.
When they were designing this car, did the designer say, "Not ugly enough!" The car is ugly as sin. Ugly. Horrible looking.

Men define themselves with their cars, trucks or motorcycles. Do you not realize this? Who buys car magazines, go to car shows, and watch NASCAR? Men! If we think a car is ugly, no matter how great the gas mileage is, we ain't buying it. Period!

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Toyota Yaris

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