Modern Million-Dollar Kitchen

Why do the rich get richer? The same reason many of the poor stay poor.  If you keep doing the things that make you rich, you gonna stay rich and if you continue to do the things that make you poor you're gonna stay  poor.

Most rich people work well above 40 hours a week, don't go a vacation, save their money, invest their money, risk their money on stocks, bonds, land and real estate. Some rich people go to school for eight years getting multiple degrees and qualifing for high paying jobs. Some rich people don't go to college. They start their own business and wait seven to ten years before they even show a profit, working sixty to seventy hours a week, not going on vacation and losing money during this time.

Well, you get the idea. Go and read The Millionare Next Door, listen to Clark Howard or Dave Ramsey to learn how one day you can have a million dollar kitchen.

poor, broke and fat

Dave Ramsey On Retirement

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