Jessica Simpson's Baby Pics Sell For $800,000

From Celeb TV: Jessica and Eric Johnson have reportedly sold the first pics of baby Maxwell Drew to People Magazine.

Why not one million? How did People Magazine come up with that number? Did their editors say "800,000 and not a penny more!" Do they have some sort of scale to determine the worth of celebrity baby's picture? Tell me if you're in this business, cause I need to know.

Jessica loves to sell information about herself, going through my vast archives, I discovered this post,"Jessica Simpson Wants $500,000 to Confirm Her Pregnancy."

How does the person paying this money make a profit off of this?  Will People Magazine sell a significant higher number of copies if they print this? In the era of the blogger, what's to stop someone from copying  and editing the baby pics and posting them on their site? Thus, undermining the scoop. This ain't the 1980's.

I am not hating on Jessica Simpson. If some magazine wanted to give me $800,000 for pics of my baby, I would not hesitate. I'm questioning the business sense of it.

Is this one of those transactions that will spell the end of People Magazine?

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Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson

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