Web Pages That Have Helped Vlog Hog

VlogHog wasn't created in a vacuum. To get the viewers that I have so far, I had to read hundreds of "How To Improve Your Blog" type articles. If you want to be a blogger, I suggest you read as many or more. You wouldn't want a doctor who hasn't read the latest medical journals, a tax accountant who isn't up to date on tax laws or a lap dancer who hasn't been with a lot of men.
A blogger must read how other successful bloggers have done it. As the old EPMD saying goes, "Hang around with nine broke friends, you're bound to be the tenth one."

The following is a list of articles that helped get me off the ground and on my way to becoming the most successful blogger in the history of the universe.

1. "10 Ways To Make Yourself A YouTube Star" by TechDigest. I've written about how YouTube has boosted my traffic ranks in the Vlog Hog article "Increase Your Blog Traffic With YouTube." Discover how to be a star with this article.

2."How To Get Traffic To Your Blog" By Seth Godin. Godin's blog is in the top 100 blogs according to Technorati. Do you know how many blogs there are? Over 71 million and growing. He's doing a lot of things right.

3. "How To Make Money From Your Blog" by Steve Pavlina. A detailed article with several examples and great advice.

4. "18 Lessons I've Learnt About Blogging" by Darren Rowse. Two lessons I've learned is, Rowse is no overnight success and every blogger needs patience and flexibility.

5. "The #1 Dumbest Adsense Mistakes" from Xedant. Adsense, a blog and high paying keywords don't necessarily mean $10,000 dollars a month.

6."26 Steps To 15,000 Visitors A Day" by FlaminTiki. The more I blog, the more this makes sense.

This is just a small example of some the articles I've read. To be a successful blogger, I suggest you read hundreds of similar articles. To this end, I will continue to read from successful bloggers and will continue to do so even if I get a million unique viewers a month. By then, I could pay someone to read them to me.



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