Why Does Jason Giambi Get A Free Pass From New York Yankees Fans?

New York Yankees fans have a chance make a statement about steroid abuse by booing Jason Giambi, admitted steroid and human growth hormone user, but they haven't.

Yet, Barry Bonds is booed on the road every time he takes a cheese fart while Giambi, who won the 2000 American League MVP award, gets a pass from most baseball sports writers and a large mass of New York Yankees fans. Why?

Some point out that Bonds hasn't been nice to fans, baseball writers, fellow teammates and other bullshit and that's why he gets the negative feedback. Of course, the main reason Bonds, who is the all-time home run leader, is demonized is that he allegedly took steroids to boost his stats and career. These same fans claim that any player using steroids is a cheater and should be punished.

These fans take valuable minutes out their lives to print up posters that defame Bonds, call radio talk shows demanding he should be banned and think all of his records should have an asterisk next to them. Yet, Jason Giambi, who has admitted to taking steroids by the way, gets a pass from everyone from New York Yankees fans to the anchors on Sportscenter, who can't wait to report the size and smell of every one of Bonds bowel movements.

Some New York Yankees fans, like most hypocritical fans, support Giambi because he's on their team. Of course, if he played for the Boston Red Sox he would be booed back to the stone age.

Either Bonds, and all players who take steroids, are villains that should be punished or they are not. It shouldn't matter that Giambi has done "...a lot of public service work" as baseball commissioner Bud Selig, who will not suspend Giambi, has stated. Hell, most baseball players do public service work. Yeah, believe it or not.

So, it's time for all of the investigations of all baseball players to end if all baseball players have to do is "public service work." It's time for all baseball fans to stop booing Barry Bonds or start booing Jason Giambi, who by the way has admitted to taking steroids which, according to most fans and Bob Costas, is worse than beating your wife, children and dog.

It's time for ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and the San Francisco Chronicle to stop their investigative pieces on Barry Bonds or risk being called racist or at the very least give Giambi the same anal treatment that was given to Jose Canseco, Sammy Sosa and Rafael Palmeiro, who claimed at a congressional hearing that he never EVER used steroids or performance enhancing drugs but later failed a performance enhancement drug test.

Will Jason Giambi get negative feedback from New York Yankees fans? I ain't holding my breath.

BTW Did you know that Jason Giambi has admitted to using steroids and human growth hormones?

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