Drag Racing Snowmobile Crash With Helmet Cam

First of all, there is no snow. Not one inch of snow anywhere. No even a little bit. Unless you count the dandruff on the heads of spectators. Second, they are drag racing snowmobiles in this clip. Snowmobiles. Not cars. Not monster trucks. Snowmobiles. Finally, someone decided it was a great idea to put a camera on top of their head. Well, it was.

Thanks to Zuru over at Liveleak, we have this wonderful display of man vs machine vs idiot.

After some research (i.e. Googling snowmobile racing) I discover that snowmobile racing is common. Still, I thought snow would be involved somehow.

If you want more information on snowmobile racing. Visit this page at the Open Directory Project and soak it all in. And if you do decide it a worthwhile occupation, don't forget to film all of your races. Esp. the crashes.

Still, there is a part of me that thinks this is kind of cool. No pun intended.

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