250 Ways To Increase Traffic For Your Blog

Everybody wants traffic for their blog. Everybody. You. Me. Them. Everybody. Everybody.

If you don't want traffic for your blog, it's easy. Trust me. All you have to do is post about your daily life and no one but your friends and family will visit and most of them will lie about reading it anyway. The very act of putting a blog on the Internet means you want people (other than the ones you know) to read it. So, everyone wants an audience for their blog.

The following links contains over 250 ways to increase traffic to your blogs. Most of authors of the links have very successful blogs, such as John Chow, Darren Rowse and Rand Fish.

Read, live and learn.


1. Seth Godin

2. Priya Shah

3. Yvonne Divita

4. Dave Taylor

5. Ryan Lewis

6. Tinu Abayomi-Paul

7. Paul Stamatiou

8. Rand Fish From Seomoz.org

9. Angela Booth

10.Guy Maclaren

11. Neil Patel

12. Jason Preston

13. Pawel Reszka

14. Erin Kurwicki

15. George Manty

16. Gaman

17. Tom Sherman

18. John Chow

19. Andy

20. Cameron Olthuis

21. JerkyBeef

22. Leonid Shalimov

23.Daniel Sitter


25. Superblogging

My number one method of getting traffic? Get a million of your closet friends to visit your blog once a month.

P.S. If all of the tips don't add up to 250 ways to increase traffic. Visit all of the links, count them up and leave a comment on my page. Then, tell all of your friends what a big liar I am on every discussion boards that you can. Don't forget to link back to this page for the evidence.


Good luck.

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