You Do Have High-Speed Don't You?

VlogHog is a video blog that features videos that make you laugh, smile or hurl. Sometimes I make them but most of the times I find them from sites such as YouTube, LiveLeak or Metacafe. The best method of watching videos on the Internet is with a high-speed connection.

I thought I was the last idiot without a high-speed connection but I may not be. (I had Betamax until the late 90's so who knows?) So, it goes without saying that you must have a high-speed connection to enjoy this blog to the fullest. Some might say the only way to enjoy the Internet is with a high-speed connection. Knowing how to read won't read hurt either. (And, of course, by "enjoy" I mean illegally downloading music and porn.)

I'm currently paying $45.00 dollars a month for high-speed service with Comcast. (If you know of a cheaper service let me know.) Is it worth it? Yes. (Not counting the occasional dropped signal but that's a whole other post). Once you go high-speed, you'll never want to go back. Never. Never. Never.

In any case, if you have a 56k modem, go to one of your friend's house with high-speed to watch this video below and see how fast it loads. If Tape Girl doesn't convince you to upgrade, nothing on Earth will. ( I'm assuming you have friends. I mean I know I don't.)

Everything goes better with VlogHog.

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