Woman Uses Olive Oil To Pull Supermarket Scam

The old Slip-N-Fall. You drip some kind of liquid on the ground or on a restaurant floor, a rich neighbor's bathroom, or the most common: a supermarket; then walk through and pretend to fall and finally, scream like a bitch. Back in the day, this scam would sap some poor pop and mom store for a lot of loot. Way back in the day. Now? Now they have these things called digital cameras and it can film stuff ( after it steals your soul). Really. I got a couple of cameras myself and zero percent soul.

Someone should of warned this lady in this news video from LiveLeak. Why? Inevitabley, they captured the caper on film from beginning of the scam to the bitter end.

It's the 20th century, people. Try a new scam like sending someone an e-mail asking for their bank account number to send them 6 million dollars from Nigeria so terrorists won't get it. Step your game up!!!

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