Biker Chicks Compete To Swallow The Most Hot Dogs

Takeru Kobayash has nothing to do with this. It's called the Wiener Bite. Really. Biker chicks try to take as much of a hot dog that they can take. I KID YA NOT.

Whenever I heard people complain about this being the worst of times, how things have never been worse than what they are or that the Earth is about to be destroyed. I go to LiveLeak to watch videos like this and think, "It can't be all that bad. Look at these biker chicks."

This was on the Speed TV. An actual network on television. When I first saw the headline, I thought someone had filmed it with a camcorder. No. This was a television show with slo-mo replay and everything.

"And Stacy Case your winner by three quarters of an inch."

God Bless America and VlogHog.

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